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We are a company established in Izmir, Turkey.
Our company was established in 1983.
Since those years we have only dealt with cooling.
For the last ten years, we have become a company known only for Chiller, especially mini chiller production.
Many machine manufacturers use them domestically and export them abroad.
They used our mini coolers next to their machines.
Therefore, although we do not export, we have coolers in Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Romania, Russia, USA and even India.
However, despite all this, I am the founder and I find our company to be commercially unsuccessful.
My son runs our business, he is also an engineer. I'm just watching
We have a brand known all over the world that advertises itself and we have 5 websites.
By collaborating, we want to make this brand more successful, widespread and bigger.
Thus, both we and our partner will earn more.
If you are considering such a partnership/cooperation in Turkey,
We would like to see you.

Best wishes